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01 Jun 2016

“One of the most impressive companies at Australia’s most important technology EXPO for business”

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Hon Philip Dalidakis MP was the first guest at HSD’s stand at Connect Expo, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 19 & 20. 

Meeting with HSD CEO, Michael Nancarrow, Minister Dalidakis was introduced to HSD’s expertise in connected government and innovations in IP forensics.

HSD’s thought leadership and expertise in digital transformation was at the fore in a keynote delivered to the Connected Government Summit.  Keith Don, HSD’s Director of Strategy and Consulting presented “Digital First, What’s Next?: Delivering on digital transformation and beyond” which encourages organisations to use a LEGO approach – Learn Execute Grow Optimise with a focus on Platforms and Integration in order to improve internal efficiency and service delivery.

HSD also conducted presentations on improving efficiency with application layer control utilising innovative network monitoring technologies; and delivering on digital by default using a LEGO approach.

Over 7000 visitors attended the conference, where HSD’s stand stood shoulder to shoulder with stands from Intel and IBM.

A feature of HSD’s stand was a giant LEGO mosaic of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station completed by hundreds of stand attendees over the two days of the expo.  Assembled from over 20,000 individual bricks, the mosaic design by LEGO artist Bricktascale, received significant attention at the expo and across social media.

Click here to see the amazing lego mosaic being built

HSD was proudly supported on the stand by our partners, SOPE Web Technologies, Oracle Policy Automation and Bulletproof Networks.

Connect Expo is held annually and is the biggest technology event of its kind in Australia.  The event connected thousands of attendees with ideas, solutions and partners highlighting the hottest technologies with the greatest impact on the way we work and live.  The Expo featured a two day exhibition, combined with a series of strategic business conferences (summits), educational seminars, live demos and technology zones.

If you would like more information regarding the Lego approach to Digital transformation or BitBouncer Productivity please download the brochures (HSD Connected Government Lego Transformation, Staff Productivity Internet Usage Flyer), or call HSD offices: +61 3 9875 5935, or contact us.

02 Mar 2016

ISO9001 was set up for organisations that have implemented an effective Quality Management System and enables continuous improvement of our systems and processes.  HSD has integrated ISO9001 into our services of providing software and systems consulting, development, integration, implementation and support services.  HSD obtained the certification to increase stakeholder and customer confidence, improve risk management, operational effectiveness and efficiency.  ISO9001 was first released over 30 years ago, and HSD joins more than one million organisations which have achieved certification to its requirements.  This is one of the most recognisable certifications in the world and is adopted in virtually all industries - from large, multi-site, multi-national organisations to small, single local businesses.  An ISO9001 certificate is not a once-and-for-all award, but must be audited at regular intervals recommended by an official certification body to ensure continued compliance.

"We’re incredibly excited about what it means for our future as a company and are proud of our entire staff for achieving this certification" says Michael Nancarrow, CEO of HSD.  "We are delighted that our quality management systems and service has stood up to international recognised standards.  In addition to this certification, HSD has experienced several other positive changes so far this year, all of which have positioned HSD to lead into the future."

HSD staff and management is committed to meeting the requirements of our Quality Management System and continually improving its effectiveness to ensure quality practices for our valued customers.  We will continue to strive to be a company that our clients can trust, as well as bring them top quality solutions for their technology needs, now and into the future.

20 Jan 2016

HSD are proud to be one of the Platinum Sponsors of Melbourne’s Connect Expo!  HSD will be showcasing our business solutions for Lego Approach, Delivering on Digital, and focusing on our Lawful Interception.

With the many tools at the HSD office, providing a varied level of support and customization has meant we offer a “Lego Approach” to our clients in order to best serve their needs.  Utilisation of the “Lego Approach” enables the flexibility and agility required for successful digital transformation projects whilst mitigating many of the risks associated with ICT projects.  Utilise pre-built components and assemble them together.  Rather than making investments in customising components, re-engineer business processes to maximise the value of digital investments for companies across the public and private sector.

The Australian Government’s “Digital by Default” Strategy that puts the onus on government agencies to improve the quality and ability of services they provide over digital channels.  Likewise, the various State Governments’ Digital Strategy that required agencies to meet an obligation to be customer-driven and digital-first.  But what is next?  Speak to HSD about how we are navigating these changes.

HSD’s Lawful Interception is a solution that offers both a product and training on our Generic Traffic Interception System (GTIS) turn-key hardware/software solution which has been in use across several governing bodies for more than a decade.  HSD’s GTIS is made of several components from the network layer through to the application layer. 

From the 19th to the 20th of April HSD will be at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, so come visit our booth, just steps from the entrance!  Stop by to see what HSD’s team can provide to your organisation!

15 Oct 2015

HSD has been a partner with Resco since 2013 and in 2014 began working together on the Health Activity Reporting Tool (HART) project, a government project to support the delivery of health assessments and care to school children in the state of Victoria.  HART was developed for mobile nurses to visit a variety of school settings in rural and urban areas in order to keep track of the health and wellbeing of students in Victoria.  Resco’s Mobile CRM allowed these nurses for the first time to be able to break away from the paper and pen note taking and allowed one central system to keep and collate the records.  We customized Mobile CRM to enable users to be able to enter student’s health details without being tied to a desk.

Resco gave us the ability to customize the solution to the client’s needs while also being able to take advantage of the “out of the box” features that are offered with Microsoft CRM.  Our collaboration reached a point that we were able to adapt the pre-existing Resco forms to create a highly tailored user interface.  Using a Resco Mobile CRM foundation, HSD has developed a solution which includes the configuration required to deliver an amazing user experience whilst leveraging the considerable benefits of a commercial off the shelf platform approach.

We found working with Resco, despite the time difference of being an Australian company working with one based in the Slovakia, we were able to bring any issue or update to them and knew we were able to get the best responses from them in a timely manner.  This allowed us to go to our client and know we would get the best out of Resco and improve the software for future releases.

09 Oct 2015

In the 90s, the internet was still in its infancy regarding the users and the sites that existed.  Things like online banking and making purchases from all corners of the globe were still the ideas of a select few, not the common place daily use of nearly everyone.  To say that people were not lurking in the corners of the ever growing world wide web would be foolish, but with the spread of the internet we witnessed in the late 90s, online security is not just for governments and big banks.

HSD is committed to ensuring each of our systems goes through rigorous tests to ensure the integrity of our system will stand up against hacks by users bent on obtaining any information from our clients.  Before our clients see their system in action our developers and testers batter the system in attempts to over stimulate it to see what leaks might come.

With documented attacks of corporations such as Kmart of Australia and several foreign governments by groups across the globe, HSD has doubled down its internal testing and development requirements to ensure that our clients are feeling safe with putting not only their business information into our products, but also their own clients can feel that same level of safety.