Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd


25 Sep 2012

HSD has established a partnership with Intelledox to provide enterprise solutions that integrate the Intelledox Infiniti process improvement system.

HSD has 17 years experience in delivering integrated solutions with Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and other platforms.  By adding the Intelledox automated document generation and smart e-forms tool infiniti™, we are able to present an end-to-end business process solution that enhances the use of data in customer and client relationships.

According to HSD General Manager, Peter Bell, the partnership will enable the delivery of streamlined systems using the smart web forms and other capabilities on Infiniti to increase usability and simplify document management and generation.

“HSD have extensive expertise in enterprise systems particularly for government, where document management is critical.  The partnership with Intelledox allows us to utilise the strength of their system to streamline document flow and simplify integration with systems such as sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.” Mr Bell said.

Hammond Street Developments is one of the preferred partners of Intelledox to government and enterprise.  We have a team of trained and certified Intelledox infiniti specialists that understands how to build a successful document automation solution that will meet a client’s specific needs.

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