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Cloud Computing

HSD are the experts in delivering tailored cloud-hosted systems to even the most complex government and enterprise business requirements.

Cloud computing, cloud-like services and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) are among the hottest buzzwords in the IT sector over the past few years.  Cloud solutions are a part of most people‚Äôs everyday lives with services such as Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Skype and PayPal all being cloud-based solutions.  Whilst these services have been at the cutting edge of innovation, the technologies supporting these applications has now matured and has become the foundation for approaches that are adaptable to government and enterprise use.

What is cloud?

Whilst traditionally hardware and software has been primarily managed on an organisations local servers and computers, cloud computing enables you to access your data and applications from servers managed and located elsewhere.  This means that the responsibility for managing the servers, applications, other software and the associated maintenance is managed by an external organisation with the expertise beyond that which is usually available to organisations (or is employed at high cost).

What is Software-As-A-Service?

Software-As-A-Service (or SaaS, pronounced sas) is the most common form of cloud computing.  It usually involves accessing hosted software applications via your internet browser rather than traditional applications on your own PC or server.  The software application provider is responsible for hosting, managing and maintaining the application including software updates and settings.  This approach is similar to choosing to rent rather than buy.  Instead of purchasing equipment, applications and the services to implement and maintain them, and organisation utilising cloud services may pay a monthly ongoing fee encompassing all their requirements.  (Establishment costs usually still apply especially when transitioning to cloud services.)  Examples of SaaS include Hosted Email, Office applications and CRM (Customer Resource Management) Systems.

HSD Cloud Solutions

Since 2011, HSD has successfully implemented cloud solutions for several government and enterprise organisations.  We consider all issues including data sovereignty, business continuity and security when designing solutions and work with partners including Telstra, Emantra and Bulletproof to ensure that your business critical applications are stored securely and are available at all times.

A specialty is private cloud implementations that enable organisations to save on infrastructure purchase and management whilst retailing the benefits of what would normally be an on premises approach.  HSD support our clients through the full lifecycle including specification, design, licensing, migration and transition to the cloud infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and support.

HSD brings a wealth of experience and expertise to cloud projects.  We can assist your organisation to transition to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits whilst avoiding the sometimes hidden pitfalls of cloud computing.

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