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Microsoft .NET Development

HSD ensures that your custom .NET application will be the right solution for the problem that needs solving.  Understanding your business and its processes is the catalyst for innovative design that will exceed expectations.

HSD has extensive experience and expertise developing mission critical applications using Microsoft .NET Framework for government and commercial clients.

What is .NET?

The .NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on the Microsoft Windows Operating System.  The framework allows developers to build custom software solutions encompassing a wide range of platforms from web to desktop.

Using the .NET framework HSD’s skilled developers can deliver a multitude of solutions to help your organisation reach its goals including websites for desktop and mobile viewing, desktop and web applications or other custom software.

The HSD difference

As a .NET Application development company, HSD has built custom .NET applications for a wide range of businesses, in many different industries.  This experience has led us to a deep understanding of how and what makes a custom .NET Application development project successful.

We understand there is more that goes into a project than coding.  Your software design, strategy, tools, and processes all have an impact on how successful your custom software project or product will be.  HSD can help manage those aspects to deliver exceptional software solutions.

HSD believes that another important piece of the .NET Application development puzzle lies in selecting the correct team size and members for specific roles and responsibilities.  If you choose to develop with HSD, your team will be carefully selected based on the HSD consultants that are best suited for your particular project.

HSD has the skills, experience and expertise in Microsoft .NET Development to make your project successful.  Our experience with large scale applications and websites over more than a decade makes HSD a reliable choice for .NET Development.

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