Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd

Java Development

HSD complements its established strengths in application development, design and project governance with deep technical knowledge of the Java domain, to provide customers with an exceptional service.

HSD's Java development services span the entire range of HSD's standard application development services in the Java programming language.  In addition, HSD's Java expertise extends beyond traditional business application development to network/systems programming and middleware.

Experience and Expertise

HSD has a dedicated team of Java developers, part of the larger systems development group, that specialises in the development of Java applications, typically running on the Linux platform.  The team includes a mix of senior (10 plus years' experience) and junior developers, working under the guidance of a development manager and architect.

Productivity and Re-Use

The philosophy of the Java development team is to use contemporary development tools and practices to maximise developer productivity.  This philosophy is tempered in the case of frameworks and design patterns where emphasis is placed on achieving productivity through re-use and resisting the temptation to follow the latest fashions in the Java world.

A proven track record

HSD has a proven track record in the successful design and development of enterprise Java software.  The following case studies demonstrate HSD's experience:

HSD's experience in successfully delivering Java Development services over more than a decade is the reason customers should consider HSD for their Java development projects.

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