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Metadata Retention Consultancy

HSD’s network engineering and lawful interception expertise can assist internet and carriage service providers to manage the compliance burden relating to metadata retention.

HSD have recognised strength in development, design and project governance in the network engineering and monitoring domain which enables us to uniquely respond to the emerging legislative requirements.

Metadata Retention Legislation

The Australian Government has recently passed legislation requiring all telecommunications service providers to retain and secure for two years specific telecommunications data relating to the services they offer.  The commencement date for this requirement was 13 October 2015.

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Who does it affect?

If you are a service provider that uses communications infrastructure in Australia to provide any of your services, you may be subject to data retention obligations.

What can providers do to meet the regulations on time?

HSD is able to offer advice and direction for providers to achieve compliance by April 2017.  Many ISPs have received government funding under the Data Retention Industry Grants Programme (DRIGP) to assist in meeting this requirement.  Others may have missed out on this round of funding and are unsure how they will meet their obligations.  Our range of services can help ISPs achieve compliance and remain profitable during this transition.

Why partner with HSD for metadata retention services?

HSD have more than a decade of industry experience in Lawful Interception (a closely related compliance obligation) and are one of the country’s leading providers of systems to Internet and Carriage Service Providers.

At this early stage of implementation, the regulations require that all relevant Metadata collected through the normal operations of providing services is kept for a mandatory minimum of two years.

Fulfilling this regulation, especially for smaller providers, is a daunting prospect, and HSD would welcome the opportunity to help providers understand their legislative and regulatory requirements, and work towards a compliant solution.

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HSD can help you understand and meet this new compliance obligation with advice and solutions that minimise the operational and financial impact on your business.

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