Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd

Application Development

HSD can custom develop applications to solve even the most challenging business problems.

HSD’s in-house capabilities in Application Development services help clients with all facets of application development from end-to-end application scoping and delivery to ongoing application support.  Within our application development team are skills including project management, functional design, multiple development languages and platform support services.


HSD provides development services for a diverse range of technologies, including:

  • Microsoft .NET and legacy Microsoft environments
  • Java, JBOSS and various JVMs
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Collaboration Systems

Providing an environment that fosters innovation, quality and productivity requires collaboration and knowledge management across the development team. HSD has implemented a Wiki utilising an Atlassian product called Confluence.

The development team use Confluence to publish application design, methods, frameworks and all other technical references associated with the projects.  Subversion combined with Confluence and the Request Management System JIRA (also by Atlassian) provides the HSD team and clients with a powerful knowledge management system.

Development and Test Environments

HSD have built a secure development environment that is reliable, redundant and is constantly upgraded to include the latest service delivery platforms.  Clients can be assured that HSD have an uninterrupted, productive and efficient development service.

Consequently, one can expect the following from the HSD development environment:

  • Management of the application and associated Intellectual Property over the entire development, production and upgrade lifecycle
  • Flexibility to choose the appropriate technology
  • Reliability required for efficient development, support and security of the application, associated assets and the intellectual property
  • Physical Development Resources.

For each project that HSD undertakes, a virtual Development and Test environment is created that approximates the production environment.  HSD keeps a copy of the production system active on development servers to ensure that support can be provided in a rapid and efficient manner.

By way of example, HSD in February 2010 received a support call from Coles Group Ltd. for assistance on an application built in 1998.  Within minutes, the HSD developer had the application open and the issue resolved for the user.

Development Methodology

For the application development components of the solution build, HSD employs a Hybrid Waterfall and Iterative (HWI) methodology.  This methodology has proven to improve development productivity and quality through a repeatable and predictable process while being clearly driven by the originating Business Requirements.

The risk workshops during the initiation stage of a project provide an appreciation of where the high risk functionality sits in relation to the complete set of functional deliverables.  Using the iterative approach, risks can be controlled and managed by addressing the most critical risks early in the project.  This uncovers issues early before problems appear or are magnified and thus supports both; management of quality and risk.

Why HSD for application development

It is important to acknowledge the quality of staff and processes that exist in HSD.  The two things the clients will talk about are successful delivery of projects and the can do attitude of the company.  This is not through luck, but through years of managed growth which now sees a team of experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Software Developers and Testers, cross trained to deliver outstanding results for any project they undertake.

Image representing a part of application development