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Configuration of COTS software

COTS software tailored by HSD to specific requirements helps organisations improve performance at lower cost.

What is COTS software?

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software has become commonplace in many industries because they can provide standardised functionality with more responsiveness, a shorter time to implement and at lower costs that custom developed solutions.  Many organisations including some government departments mandate consideration of COTS solutions before taking a bespoke development approach.

However a limitation of COTS software is that it may not fit all of an organisation’s business requirements out-of-the-box.  HSD can assist by customising and configuring COTS software to meet your organisation’s specific business requirements ensuring that the implemented system retains the efficiencies of COTS software without sacrificing alignment to your intended business processes.

Experience and Expertise

HSD have used COTS platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Author-IT to deliver key functionality for organisations including the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  We employ technical specialists and developers with the skills and experience to customise the platform to specific requirements without losing the flexibility that using a COTS system can provide.

Complete system lifecycle support

Just because the system is not bespoke does not mean that it doesn’t require and deserve the maintenance and support to ensure it operates effectively.  HSD provide end to end services to ensure that downtime is minimised, enhancements can be delivered to improve the system and training is provided to allow you to get the full return on investment.

We understand system integration

With COTS systems, system integration is an important but often overlooked aspect.  Ensuring that new systems can be migrated to efficiently, as well as ensuring that newly introduced systems integrate with existing systems can be time consuming, costly and a major risk area contributing to project failure.  HSD’s significant expertise in this area coupled with our effective project management approaches can help prevent your system implementation project from failing due to not considering and managing all potential issues.

Why HSD for your COTS system project?

HSD are proven, reliable and have the skills and expertise to make your project a success.  We provide solutions, not simply resell COTS software.  Our holistic approach to system implementation makes HSD to right choice for your next project.

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