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CRM Solutions

With experience in a wide range of organisations with different requirements, HSD has the expertise to meet your CRM needs.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management involves using technology to organise and automate business processes, especially sales, marketing and customer service.  The flexibility of CRM systems has led them to be used in solutions beyond their traditional uses such as for registry systems and as platforms to be extended for other uses.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

HSD uses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform as the foundation for many of its system projects.  The commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform provides a range of efficiencies that allow effort to be focused on customisations and configurations that ensure the system is tailored to your business requirements.

Tailored Project Management Approach

HSD’s project managers have expertise with a range of project approaches including Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology, which is tailored to Microsoft Dynamics implementations.  We also have experience with Prince2 and Agile approaches among others.

System Integration and Value adding

HSD also have extensive experience with system integration including custom interfaces and services to enable implemented CRM systems to share data with existing systems such as Oracle Financials, Microsoft SharePoint and bespoke systems.

HSD also have the ability to enhance the system using third-party components including Intelledox Infinity.  This helps add value to your implementation allowing your business to get the most out of your system investment.

Why you should choose HSD for your CRM solution

Experience, expertise, proven technologies – HSD have all the bases covered.  Select HSD for your next CRM project to ensure success.

Image showing a picture of the Dynamics CRM Lego