Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd

Education Systems

HSD are proud and honoured to have been developing education systems for state and federal governments for over a decade.

What are Education Systems?

HSD have and continue to develop, support and deploy Education Systems that manage training registers; capture and report on school audits; and case management for student wellbeing, just to name a few.

Experience and expertise

HSD were first contracted to enhance and support the existing System for Training and Recognition (STAR) application for the Victorian government, over a decade ago.  HSD quickly became experts in the training business processes which was essential for the support and enhancement of STAR.

Our knowledge and understanding of Education was invaluable in the development of the new Victorian State Register for the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) and the federal training.gov.au web solution.

As is often the case, the attrition rate of staff caused the business knowledge and expertise within the Department to nearly disappear.  HSD were able to provide training to the new staff to support them not only with the software solution, but the internal processes that we now know so well.

Our ability to quickly and thoroughly understand the business requirements and provide the best solution has given HSD an exemplary reputation within the training sector of the government.

Our staff engage your business early in the project.  We build a long and supportive relationship with the client, which is evident by our ongoing desire to always exceed the client’s expectations in all areas of the development lifecycle.

Technologies in Education

HSD deliver Microsoft technologies which are a match for Education’s IT policies and requirements.  The software solutions developed by HSD have included the following various technologies:

  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • SQL Server
  • Integration Information Services (IIS)
  • ASP.NET (web development)
  • Web services using SOAP and WCF

Choosing the technology for a solution is a process that requires detailed analysis.  Using COTS products or bespoke applications all have their pros and cons and each must be considered for the unique software solution.  HSD’s reputation for choosing the right technology for the right solution is evident by our continued and strengthening relationship with the Education sector both state wide and nationally.

Strong partnerships for success

HSD knows that our experience and strengths lie in the software development and support lifecycle.  By understanding this, when a solution requires external hosting, a document management system, customer relationship management or smart forms, then HSD will partner with the right product and organisation to deliver the right solution.

The VRQA State Register was developed using MS Dynamics CRM.  The training.gov.au solution required external hosting and HSD partnered with Bulletproof for this requirement.

Any partnership that HSD creates is not done lightly.  Our reputation is important so we always ensure that the other organisation and/or product provide the same support and upgradeability as HSD would.  Once the partnership has been established, HSD and their partner(s) will provide a strong and robust united front for the success of the project development and long term support.

Why you should choose HSD for Education systems

HSD has extensive business understanding in the Education sector, providing solutions for training registers, student wellbeing case management and other facets of Education.  We have proven again and again that we can deliver the right solution and continue to support both our product and the business knowledge.

Image showing screen shots of training.gov.au and VRQA State Register