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As your business grows, you need a more sophisticated IT infrastructure to support its expanding processes. Updating your computer and networking hardware and facilities could help keep a steady production, prevent setbacks in operation, and improve customer experience. This entails the need for more IT personnel to look after your new set-up.

You can opt to deploy your IT infrastructure to a cloud computing system in order to minimize the use of hardware, although experts recommend a fair combination of both physical and hosted systems. It doesn’t matter if you have IT professionals to man these systems, or even employ an in-house team to look after your IT infrastructure, they can only do so much to keep it up and running at all times. This is where you need third-party support for optimal management.


What Is a Managed IT Service

When you outsource a portion or all of your IT management tasks to a third-party contractor, you are investing in a managed IT service. In this arrangement, the provider takes the responsibility of running and maintaining your IT infrastructure, which covers not just hardware components, but also networks and software. They provide 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting, and other solutions that are essential to the continuity of your IT operation.

Some businesses are reluctant to consider a managed IT service due to the assumption that it isn’t cost-efficient and secure. They believe an in-house team can respond to issues faster and more precisely. In truth, outsourcing IT-related tasks to an expert provider like Hammond Street Developments brings long-term benefits. Let’s find out why you need the help of the best managed IT service provider.


Benefits of Managed IT Service

While there are some companies that doubt the impact of managed IT services for their operation, others are eager to try it and find out. It has proven to work for a large amount of companies and it’s becoming the standard setup for businesses these days. Here’s why.


Get More for the Same Cost

Companies like HSD that specialise in IT solutions are armed with cutting-edge resources, a great deal of which you can’t find in an in-house set-up. They have a larger specialised team, who generally have stronger professional experience than your own IT personnel. You can access these perks for generally less than the cost of forming and maintaining a small in-house team.


Save Time

Lost time is lost money, as the famous financial adage says. Every minute you waste deciding whether or not to use managed IT services, you are losing not just thousands of dollars in sales, but also potential customers and investors. Building and training an in-house IT team may also take some time, and that adds to your expenditures. You can avoid both by using managed IT services.


Instant Support for Your Employees

Even if all of your employees underwent the necessary software training, there will always be a number who have difficulty absorbing it. They will tend to request for additional support or supervision from your IT personnel, which cuts your team’s overall productivity. A managed IT service provider offers a dedicated help line that your employees can call whenever they need IT support.


Better Security

The real threat to your company’s cyber security isn’t the managed IT service provider but other entities that are trying to bring your business down. In fact, cyber security is part of the responsibilities of a managed IT provider. An expert provider is more equipped than your in-house team and they keep updated with the latest defences. Simply put, you have a better chance at avoiding a security breach if you outsource your IT tasks to the experts.


Work Anywhere

If there’s one thing the recent pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of enabling your employees to work from home. Those companies whose IT infrastructure is hosted through a cloud computing system are able to continue operation because their workers can access their database remotely. This allowed them to survive and even flourish amidst the global economic downturn.


No Overtime Expenses

Depending on the service package you choose, you can have access to after-hours support, which might cost you more if you leave a task like this to your in-house team as overtime may be required. This is also helpful when you need system updates that you prefer to do after hours to maximise uptime.


Save on Storage Space and Maintenance Cost

Total reliance on internal IT infrastructure comes with the need for more equipment and a bigger storage facility. This increases your overheads as more personnel are required to maintain additional assets. Furthermore, replacing parts or equipment may also be an expense that needs to be considered.

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, only settle for the safest and most efficient management option. Managed IT services have been proven effective in streamlining business operations, which often lead to increased uptime and sales. If you’re looking to incorporate this service in your set-up soon, make sure to turn to a provider that has many years of experience, a rich history of success, and partners with the biggest tech brands.


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