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Positive customer relationships are key to your company’s continuity and success. If you fail to establish a good relationship with your customers or if your existing relationship with them suddenly turns sour, you’ll start losing sales and potentially go bankrupt. It’s crucial to carefully manage customer relationship by gathering and analysing information related to your interaction with your customers and working towards improving their experience.

Gathering and analysing a mix of concrete and abstract information, including customer response and behaviour, as well as creating an effective customer relationship management strategy, requires highly sophisticated devices and methodologies. These are processes that you cannot accomplish using traditional paper-based techniques. This is where customer relationship management software (CRM) like Dynamics 365 comes in.

Benefits of CRM

CRM generally refers to the process of maintaining a good relationship with customers, but it’s a term that’s also used to refer to the integrated data-driven software solutions designed to improve the interaction between a business and its customers. It’s essentially unified with the different mechanisms that make up a company, serving as a binder.

CRM to a business is what mortar is to a building — it binds the components of a business to create a safe and welcoming place for customers. Here’s to better understand CRM benefits for business.

Improve Your Data Gathering

Like your competitors, you are probably trying out every available technique that can help you learn more about your customers and their experience with your products or services. But if you haven’t moved past the sticky notes and survey forms yet, you are missing out on great opportunities. It’s time to integrate CRM in your business structure. This software allows you to store, organise and analyse huge quantities of data related to your customers.

Better Communication with Customers

One of the biggest challenges faced by growing businesses is the increasing call volumes from customers. To manage this, customer support agents are employed to respond to calls faster. The problem is when a customer calls again, a new agent takes their call and they are forced to repeat what they said during the previous call. With CRM, the new agent who takes the call can simply pull up the customer’s account, examine updates and read the previous agent’s notes to understand the situation. This way, the customer doesn’t have to face the unhappy prospect of having to explain over and over.

Increased Productivity through Automation

Between customer inquiry and actual sales lies a long string of smaller tasks that must be completed by more than one professional in your company. All of these tasks must be well coordinated to avoid skipping important steps in the entire process. CRM is designed to partially or fully automate the system to facilitate or altogether eliminate these auxiliary chores. This takes a huge burden off your employees’ shoulders.

More Efficient Interaction between Departments

Most CRMs allow users to view stored communication, such as emails and call details, as well as other important corporate information, such as calendar, meeting schedules, and company events. With information accessible to everyone and easy to funnel down the pipeline, conflicts between departments can be avoided along with other potential snags that lead to downtime. Most CRMs are also capable of being integrated with various apps and plugins, which helps simplify data analysis and reporting.

Why Choose Dynamics 365

Ever since CRM became a popular tool used by all kinds of organisations, it has spawned many version, each with the promise of better customer engagement, increased productivity and sales, and ultimately higher customer and employee retention. Choosing the most suitable program for your business isn’t that simple anymore. One way to narrow down your choices is to factor in features that help streamline administrative processes. By doing so, you’ll realise that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is your best option. Here are the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


– Thanks to the integration of AI and Microsoft cloud platform, Dynamics 365 can help you manage your multichannel marketing campaigns and nurture sales-ready leads. It’s also equipped with tools that can slickly integrate with your existing apps and services, allowing you to share data across your marketing platforms.


– Dynamics 365 also has targeted applications for multiple disciplines within your organisation. Whether you need Sales, Customer Service or Marketing, Dynamics 365 has a ready-made, out of the box and customisable solution that can be implemented to meet the needs of you and your organisation.


– The same AI technology allows this CRM to measure and analyse history-representing data to identify sales indicators as well as construct a pipeline with first-rate leads. Ultimately, this leads to a significant boost in sales as it streamlines the sales process apart from improve customer engagement. Your sales team will definitely be thrilled to work with Dynamic 365 set up to assist them.

In-App Learning Option

– While most CRMs are user-friendly, let’s not forget that some employees and sometimes even executives find them rather too complex to operate. This is why some companies set aside a week or two to train newcomers how to navigate the CRM before putting them on-board. Two weeks of training is a long time, not to mention very costly. Dynamic 365 has in-app learning options that serve as a user guide, so new agents can come on-board within a short period.

Choosing the best CRM option available could mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. However, you shouldn’t take your search for superior products like Dynamics 365 lightly, or else you might end up buying a fake or unlicensed program. Always purchase from a recognised brand like HSD. Especially if you are representing a government agency and you want to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s best to transact with an authorised partner.

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