MyGL (Game Licensing System)

Business Need

Our client is an independent authority responsible for the regulation of game hunting in Victoria. They required a significant update to their existing licensing system to meet the following needs:

  • Improve information management
  • Improve user experience by offering a self-service portal functionality
  • Implement a contemporary delivery system that meets stakeholder expectations and regulations
  • Reduce unnecessary administrative overhead


The updated system needed to keep the functionality of the existing licensing system, but more efficiently manage the licensing application and renewal processes for stakeholders. The system needed to support approximately 40,000 active registered users in fulfilling their licensing needs.

A requirement of the solution was the inclusion of a Learning Management System (LMS) that allowed users to complete tests to support licensing regulations.


After a review of the client’s functional requirements, HSD proposed to develop a system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform that provides a customer self-service portal and a back-end CRM solution for commission officers. This allows users to manage their own access credentials without placing an unnecessary administrative burden on the Department.

This solution also integrates into external systems, utilising Microsoft Azure Active Directory Services, Azure Integration Services and other Azure services where needed. Replacing existing anonymous online application forms is the new authenticated Web Portal, with smart forms for regular users. Coupled to the Dynamics CRM component, the solution provides visibility to both internal and external stakeholders regarding the status of applications during the assessment and decision-making process.

Staff that manage the licensing process have access via the Dynamics 365 backend, which includes reporting, dashboards and the necessary workflows to conduct their business processes.

The Learning Management System (LMS) that was implemented was built using the Moodle learning management solution. This was to support the requirement of two species-specific tests being completed for stakeholders to receive their license.


“HSD was innovative in their approach, applying a mixture of waterfall and agile process to address GMA’s requirements.  They exhibited an ability to be flexible without compromising project quality or delivery timelines.  HSD were client focussed and ensured major external disruptions, such as COVID, had no impact on project delivery.”

While meeting the client’s requirements, the solution also addressed usability concerns by providing easy access management, simple and intuitive navigation, responsive designs and support for all common browsers and devices.

Feedback from stakeholders have indicated that the new system is easy to use, and the instant processing of licensing applications has improved the user experience dramatically.

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