Regulatory Case Management System

Business Need

Our client required the development of a new solution with multiple integration points to help support their regulatory obligations. The system required functionality a self-service portal which could handle their applications, complaints and enquires processes. This transformed the client’s regulatory processes and enabled a greater level of audit reporting which was not available previously. In addition, the system also required the ability to invoice and receive payments from applicants.

This included functionality around workflows and allowing for (but not limited to):

  • Greater controls around business processes.
  • Automation of collection, collation and availability of data on a range of subjects such as risk.
  • Integration into an EDRMS to allow for a single source of information for their staff.

The solution required would need to be robust enough to cater for the records of 14,000 organisations, 82,000 external contacts and enable over 200 staff to be able to access the system across each state and territory in Australia.


Initial Build

The client had a large number of complex business processes which required a significant amount of analysis effort by HSD. HSD worked closely with both the clients project teams and also business sections to ensure that the requirements gathering and validation process was robust and accurate. This would eventually lead to a successful project outcome.

After the requirements validation processes, HSD delivered a Microsoft Dynamics 2015 CRM backend with 2 Microsoft .NET external portals which were integrated with Intelledox Infiniti formsl.  The system based on the proposed COTS components provided a low risk solution. This was because both Dynamics CRM and Infiniti could:

  • Provide valuable native functionality “out of the box”
  • Deliver the majority of the requirements by configuration
  • Be extended by development to meet unique, complex or edge case requirements
  • Support integration with web services/API
  • Provide native workflow, auditing, security and reporting capabilities
  • Run on n-tier enterprise web architecture
  • Were horizontally and vertically scalable and will support the clients evolving business needs into the future

Within the proposed system, Infiniti provided both smart-forms (eForms) and document generation capabilities (driven by data sourced from Dynamics CRM) that were integrated into the Microsoft .NET external portal.  Infiniti also has a native Dynamics CRM connector that simplified integration with Dynamics CRM.  This Infiniti–CRM connector enabled a configuration approach to CRM data retrieval and persistence.

This project was all made possible through a major data migration exercise which saw the cleansing and migration of all historical records from the previous system into the new solution.


After the initial release, the solution demonstrated its capacity to be scalable to changing nature of the business and its governing policies and legislation. Some examples of enhancement releases that have been completed are:

  • Enhancement of complaints module.
  • Upgrade from Dynamics 2015 to Dynamics 365 (on-premise).
  • Integration of an external documentation system (Xpertdocs).
  • Enhancement of invoicing system to enable a new cost recovery policy.
  • Additional integration with external and internal business systems.

Technology Stack

  • Dynamics 365 on-premise
  • Objective document management
  • .NET Web Portal (x2)
  • Intelledox Infiniti Forms
  • “HSD Connect” integration service and job runner
  • Xpertdocs document generation
  • Ablebridge Editable Grids


Since its initial release in 2015, the system has enabled the client to increase its productivity and accuracy through the increased collaboration between staff and the operational oversight that solution brought to the client.

Since its release, the system has handled over 48,000 online applications.

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