Transformation of Legacy Systems

Business Need

The newly formed client required a new system to replace a number of older legacy systems that had been in place prior to the establishment of the new organisation. Trying to utilise the older system was not cost effective and wasn’t going to support the level of transformation desired by the client.

The new project represented an opportunity for the selected vendor to come in and work with the client to reengineer operations and assist the client to become more data driven and risk based. This included greater levels of integration between business and corporate functions.

In addition the client wanted to increase data collection and subsequent analytical capacity in the areas of data mining, statistical and predictive analysis.


After working with the client to establish business rules and processes, HSD designed a solution that was tailored to support the reengineered working environment.

At the core of the system was a 2016 Dynamics CRM instance which was configured to handle the clients three streams of work:

  • Applications
  • Complaints
  • Compliance

The solution was integrated with two existing core business systems, their payment gateway to enable online payments and also their data management tool.

To enable users and the general public to interact with the system, HSD also utilised a SharePoint portal combined with Intelledox Infiniti smart forms. This allowed users to quickly and easily submit the required information in consistent manner which resulted in the client being able to action the workload in a more efficient timeframe.

The solution was mobile responsive, which allowed staff accessing the system out in the field and remotely without impacting their ability to undertake their duties.

The project also consisted of a large data migration component. HSD worked with the client to establish a new logical data model. Once this was approved, HSD commenced on a large data migration task which saw the migration and cleansing of data from two old systems into the new solution. This resulted in the decommissioning of two separate legacy systems.

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Intelledox Infiniti


The solution was successfully released into production. In the first two weeks of the release, the system had processed over 26,000 applications. Demonstrating its capacity to be able to handle peak loads without any negative impact on performance.

The system also assisted the client in achieving the organisational aspirations:

  • Reduced regulatory burden
  • Enhanced risk based regulation
  • Improved consumer outcomes
  • Mitigated technology risk
  • Increased efficiency and reduced cost

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