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HSD’s Senior Technical Consultant (Dynamics 365), Ashley Fonseca guides you through addressing two scenarios for incoming mailbox configuration.

  1. If there is a requirement to re-import/synchronise incoming emails from exchange server due to a failure
  2. Activate mailbox for incoming emails for new or existing emails, but only sync emails from now on.

Re-import incoming emails

There might be a scenario where there is an issue with incoming email synchronisation causing failure to import emails correctly from exchange server to Dynamics 365 instance. Or for any reason similar to this, if an admin wants to re-import these emails that are already imported there is a setting in a mailbox to do so.

Please note

  • If some of the emails from mailbox were imported to CRM, they won’t be imported again.
  • If emails were imported to CRM and if they were deleted from CRM, they won’t be imported again
  • Only missing emails will be imported to CRM

Activate mailbox for incoming emails.

Have you ever noticed that when you activate new mailbox for incoming emails it imports all emails from that mailbox from ‘Process Email From’ date from Email Server profile?

CRM will look for last sync date in mailbox and ‘Process Email From’ date from Email Server Profile and use later date to start syncing emails from newly configure mailbox. We can use these fields for our advantage.


Mailbox last sync datetime is stored in the ‘Process Email Received After‘ field in the mailbox record. By default, value for this field is set to 1st Jan 1900. As mention above email sync service will look at this date and email server profile date and import all the emails using later date.

Please note

  • Never set ‘Process Email Received After’ date to future date.
  • Try and use date controller to set date time to avoid any data entry errors.
  • If you use ‘Process Email Received After’ which is older than Email Server Profile (Process Email From) date, then emails will be sync from Email Server Profile date because it is more recent date

To set ‘Process Email Received After’ in Mailbox entity

  • System Customizer can add this field to Mailbox form. Be careful not to allow users to update this field for obvious reason.
  • System Customizer can create on demand workflow, hardcode this date in update step and then run workflow against mailbox. This is useful if you want to update multiple mailboxes.
  • Another option is to update this filed using web API

Entity: Mailbox

Column to update: processemailreceivedafter

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