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DCMA is built on the world class Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and extends on the customer service functions of Dynamics 365 to deliver accelerated case management solutions. Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s premier business solution platform. DCMA delivers automated processes and functions which build on the Customer Service functions of Dynamics 365. Importantly, DCMA also delivers a web portal for public lodgement of requests and interaction. The DCMA web portal is delivered on the Power Apps Portal platform. And because we have a Microsoft Gold Partnership, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality product.

What's included in all packages?

As you’d expect, there are minimum requirements that need to be a part of all implementations of DCMA. Here is an overview of what is included in each package.

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Pre-built Process Flows

For applications, complaints & enquiries processes.

Real-time Dashboards

Allowing you to respond quickly to any bottlenecks and provide accurate data.

Entities and Relationships

Aiding quick and efficient development of conventional Case Management solutions.

Regulations, Agencies and Authorised Officers

Record relationships and automated processing.

Case Assist

Assisting end-users to make informed and consistent assessments on behalf of the customer.

Web Portal*

Delivering full online interaction with case management processes to your customers.

Key Features

Harness the Power of AI

Get automatic suggestions and assistance with cases, from relevant resources or regulatory obligations to people who can assist.


DCMA can be extended to suit business needs and integrated with Azure Services, including Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus or Power Apps, to name a few.

Backed by Microsoft Products

Utilising the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, you can be rest assured knowing that you have the proven track record of HSD and Microsoft behind you.

Pre-built Process Flows

A powerful feature of DCMA is the provision of DCMA includes complete proforma Business Process Flows for improving your customer interactions processes such as applications, complaints, and enquiries, etc., Each are supported using preconfigured automation and communication function. This feature is built using the Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow tools which allow the creation of multi-stage, multi-function workflows. Each process is broken down into stages and each stage can trigger multiple tasks and/or activities that are completed before moving onto the next stage.

DCMA includes pre-configured processes for Enquires, Applications and Complaints.

A demonstration of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator on an iphone
A screenshot of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator

Entities and Relationships

DCMA deploys several record types, relationships, forms and views that deliver expanded case management functionality. The additional record types include:

  • Portal Requests (User linked and unauthenticated)
  • Subject Matter Expert Register
  • Requests for Information (Web portal linked)
  • Related Regulations and Standards
  • Related Case Subject Hierarchy
  • Case Types Lookup Table
  • Case Classifications Lookup Table

DCMA also deploys expanded relationships for case records including links to Responsible Agency accounts and Authorised Officer contacts.

Case Assist

DCMA enriches the case forms in Dynamics 365 Customer Service to add the Case Assist form. The Case Assist form draws together KnowledgeBase search and relationship management with the DCMA Subject Matter Expert functions to provide a concise summary of information to assist with a case.

A demonstration of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator
A dashboard of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator

Real-time Dashboards

Allowing you to respond quickly to any bottlenecks and provide accurate data.

SLA-driven custom dashboard for quick access to live data on queue management, resource planning and options for case-mix reporting.

DCMA improves your oversight through real-time dashboards allowing you to respond quickly to any bottlenecks and provide accurate data. The DCMA web portal delivers full online interaction with case management processes to your customers.

Regulations, Agencies and Authorised Officers

DCMA provides record relationships and automated processing to allow users to track and manage governance and regulatory aspects of case processing. This allows regulations to be stored and reference in context with cases. It also allows related agencies and authorised officers to be linked to cases. These functions enable reporting on processing of cases as they relate to relevant regulations, along with related agencies and officers. Included is the option to configure communications to related agencies if required.

A demonstration of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator
A screenshot of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator

Web Portal

The DCMA functions for Dynamics 365 include the DCMA web portal deployed on PowersApps Portals. The DCMA web portal functions include Request forms which enable customers to enter requests via a web form. Requests entered via the web form are posted immediately to the Dynamics 365 database for automated processing. The DCMA web portal includes a requests monitoring screen which allows customers to monitor the progress of requests and respond to requests for more information.

In addition to request processing the DCMA web portal provides access to Knowledge Base articles and forums. The web portal can be styled to align with corporate style guides and deployed in context within existing web sites.

We Have Two Packages to Suit Your Needs

HSD Managed Implementation

  • Fully managed implementation
  • Quality assured
  • Training and data migration options
  • Ongoing support options
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Self Service Package

  • You configure your solution
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited use cases
  • 2 free version upgrades*

Self-service package is the right one for you if you have in-house capability of configuring your case management.

*This entitles you to free upgrades to the next two versions of DCMA. New versions may include new features and may also include updates required by changes in Dynamics 365 platform

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