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Let HSD take the hassle out of your purchasing decisions through our pre-packaged DCMA offerings. We offer a Platform Package and a Platform & Portal Package. These packages demonstrate the various levels of functionality, depending on your organisations needs.

Welcome to DCMA

DCMA is built on the world class Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and extends on the customer service functions of Dynamics 365 to deliver accelerated case management solutions. Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s premier business solution platform. DCMA delivers automated processes and functions which build on the Customer Service functions of Dynamics 365. Importantly, DCMA also delivers a web portal for public lodgement of requests and interaction. The DCMA web portal is delivered on the Power Apps Portal platform. 

Using DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator

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Our Packages




For implementations limited to internal stakeholders.

Up to 100 users. Need more? Speak to us.

  • Guided case management across key processes (Case, Complaint, Application, Registration, Enquiries, Feedback, etc.) 
  • Case Assist, consolidating Knowledge Management, Subject Matter Experts and Regulation 
  • Automated Workflows 
  • Targeted dashboards and reporting 
  • Task Management 
  • Automated customer communication 
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Platform & Portal



For implementations that requires a functional client portal to include external stakeholders.

Up to 100 users. Need more? Speak to us.

As per Platform Plus: 

  • Fully functional client portal 
  • Unlimited number of portal users 
  • Client self service
  • Targeted web forms for key process types (Case, Complaint, Application, Registration, Enquiries, Feedback, etc.) 
  • Web forms submitted to Platform processes in real time. 
  • Information request function for two-way customer interaction 
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Is anything different between the packages?

In both packages, the core features of DCMA remain the same. They are:

  • Portal Requests (User linked and unauthenticated)
  • Subject Matter Expert Register
  • Requests for Information (Web portal linked)
  • Related Regulations and Standards
  • Related Case Subject Hierarchy
  • Case Types Lookup Table
  • Case Classifications Lookup Table

DCMA also deploys expanded relationships for case records including links to Responsible Agency accounts and Authorised Officer contacts.

The Platform & Portal package includes all core features from the Platform package, plus a fully functional client portal.

Service Add-ons Available

HSD provides a full range of services for the deployment and extension of solutions based on DCMA. These services have been tailored to the needs of DCMA customers and provide targeted results for specific needs. The services available include: 

  • Initial deployment and branding 
  • Workflow customisation 
  • Training
  • Support 
  • Discovery and design
  • A package of governance services that meets the needs of government projects.

In addition to DCMA tailored services, all DCMA customers can access the full services of HSD’s highly experience Dynamics 365 team, Project Management Office and Support Office.  

What's included in all packages?

There are minimum requirements that need to be a part of all implementations of DCMA. Here is an overview of what is included in each package.

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Pre-built Process Flows

For applications, complaints & enquiries processes.

Real-time Dashboards

Allowing you to respond quickly to any bottlenecks and provide accurate data.

Entities and Relationships

Aiding quick and efficient development of conventional Case Management solutions.

Regulations, Agencies and Authorised Officers

Record relationships and automated processing.

Case Assist

Assisting end-users to make informed and consistent assessments on behalf of the customer.

Web Portal*

Delivering full online interaction with case management processes to your customers.

HSD Managed Implementation Workflow

Week 1

  • Project kick-off
  • Requirement analysis
  • Recommend entities, workflows and reports
  • Configure base settings

Week 2

  • Configure workflows
  • Configure reports
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Go live

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