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Business Need

Like many organisations, HSD sought to raise awareness of cyber security issues amongst staff and implement improved processes for managing cyber security incidents. This initiative was part of a broader program of work being implemented to allow HSD to apply for ISO 27001 certification. A key part of the requirements for the solution was a self-service web portal which would allow staff to enter security incident reports, log requests for help and handle applications, complaints and enquiries processes.  

The management of security incidents required that the office system supporting web portal deliver the required functions 

  • Automated routing and escalation of incidents. 
  • Management overview incident numbers and trends. 
  • Guided business processes for the resolution and recording of incidents. 

Given the nature of security operations, the solution would need to be secure, whilst being accessible to staff and management from multiple offices and locations. In order to maximise staff engagement, the web portal would need to be intuitive and easy to use. 

A screenshot of DCMA, a dynamics case management system accelerator
Cyber Hub

A DCMA Deployment

HSD’s Dynamics Case Management Accelerator (DCMA) immediately offered a quick, cost-effective way to implement the HSD Cyber Hub. Most of the required functionality was delivered by DCMA Out-of-the-Box. 

The DCMA implementation of case management, with its built-in Case Assist, Subject Matter Expert and Service Request functions meant that implementation of the HSD Cyber Hub was accomplished very quickly with minimal technical effort. The DCMA web portal functions allowed for the deployment of a secure web portal based on PowerApps Portals, including secure access via Active Directory, with minimal configuration changes. 

The functionality of DCMA allowed the rapid implementation of the required functionality for HSD Cyber Hub around incident routing, escalation, management, and reporting. The deployment to Dynamics 365 the delivery of the functionality to HSD’s existing environments and security infrastructure. The deployment of the DCMA web portal to PowerApps Portals with authentication to Active Directory allowed a rapid deployment of a web portal that could be securely accessed via HSD’s existing security infrastructure. 

User Engagement

The rapid deployment of the HSD Cyber Hub Dynamics 365 solution and web portal enabled a quick launch of a campaign to make staff aware of the project and promote the importance of cyber security awareness. The tight integration with Active Directory and Office 365 offered by Dynamics 365 delivered a seamless single sign on experience for staff users making the Cyber HubThe Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Portals user experiences were a natural fit for HSD staff and staff reported the system to be intuitive and easy to use. 

Incident Management

The case management functionality delivered by DCMA allowed HSD’s security experts to assess, respond to and resolve cyber security incidents quickly and effectively. Incidents logged by staff on the HSD Cyber Hub web portal were automatically created as case records in the Dynamics 365 System and initiated with business process flows.  

The dashboards provided with DCMA provided a real time overview of incoming requests and directed respondents to case details. 

DCMA web portal functions allowed feedback to be delivered to staff who lodged incidents as soon as cases were taken up and progressed. This ensured the progress was visible and any additional information that was required was sought and received via the web portal. 

DCMA Dashboards

Technical Considerations

As the HSD Cyber Hub solution was deployed on Dynamics 365 using DCMA, the deployment was hosted within the existing Office 365 tenancy. The Active Directory authentication was automatically enabled for both the Dynamics 365 system and the PowerApps portal connecting to the existing HSD Active Directory. This delivered single sign-on functionality to staff for both the Dynamics 365 system and the web portal. The system used native integration with Exchange to implement email communications through existing Exchange servers.  

There was little post deployment configuration effort required. This was mostly involved with allocating security roles in Dynamics 365 and Web Roles for web portal access to staff user IDs. The DCMA case management configuration consisted mostly of creating the require categories and sub-categories to represent the desired processing and reporting for cyber security cases. The final steps in the configuration involved the creation of email templates for the various communications required for process cyber security incidents.  

The web portal configurations consisted of a few adjustments to menu item names and the assignment of an appropriate DNS sub-domain to make the portal visible.  


The HSD Cyber Hub project met the requirements for HSD to have a system to manage the processing and reporting of cyber security incidents and issues. The use of DCMA as the basis for the deployment enabled a very rapid deployment of both the Dynamics 365 Customer Service system and a PowerApps Portals web portal. The use of Dynamics 365 meant the deployment was easily integrated with the existing office and security environment.  

The familiar user interface enabled swift and confident take-up of the new system by staff. The case management functions provided by DCMA ensured that cyber security incidents were handled appropriately and effectively. The reporting functions ensured the case management processes provided the rigorous level of record keeping needed to comply with security related processes and quality certification. 

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