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In this post, HSD’s Technical Consultant (Dynamics 365) Ash Dason takes us through how to resolve an unforeseen issue with portal pages in Dynamics 365.


Recently we upgraded one of our client’s Dynamics 365 instance to Unified Interface over a weekend. And on verification everything seemed to work fine. However after a couple of days the client reported that the portal pages weren’t loading correctly.


Upon investigation we found the JavaScript files referenced in portal pages weren’t being loaded. The error encountered was a 403 Forbidden error. All of the JavaScript files were stored as web resources in CRM added to the entity forms and not as web files. Upon further investigation we found that between the Unified Interface upgrade and the client reporting errors there was a portal update by Microsoft, which didn’t require any modifications to the portal by the user.


Since this was a permission error, by giving webresources entity ready-only permissions to required web roles of the portal fixed the issue.


It’s always good to keep an eye on Microsoft updates. Even if Microsoft states that no user intervention is required.

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