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HSDs Director of Enterprise Partnerships, Craig Chapman recently attended the Microsoft Ignite Tour 2020 event in Sydney. This post is a recap of the highlights.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner it is vitally important that we are aware of the latest trends and new functionality to ensure we help our clients benefit.

In the Dynamics 365 space, the focus was on the Common Data Service as well as developments in the Customer Service and Field Services applications.

The Common Data Service supports the storage and management of data that is used by business applications – in this case D365 applications.  This means that in addition to the entity based data model used by D365, applications can share ‘common data’.  For example, both Sales and Marketing use the Leads entity.

By using the Common Data Service (CDS), Sales and Marketing staff can work on the same lead data.  Rather than duplicate data or even un-synchronised activity, both the Sales and Marketing team will have up to date access to each other’s activity within lead records.  This ensures a reduction in those awkward instances where you are unaware of a colleagues recent interaction where approaching a client.

At HSD we’ve utilised the CDS to create efficiencies for our clients through the development of customised D365 solutions. We have also leveraged the CDS for our new Dynamics Case Management Accelerator (DCMA), which is being released next week.

Field Services, by using the power of AI, can now help service companies better identify problem devices before they become an expensive problem.  Configuration rules can be used to identify patterns that predict future problems.  By monitoring a range of metrics rules can look for anomalies that signal potential issues.

For example, when un-monitored a device may have periodic resets that go unnoticed.  By using field services, and IOT,  each reset is captured and a subsequent rule can create an alerts when a threshold is met.  Rather than first being aware of the issue on breakdown, you can design thresholds and alerts that allow preventative action to be taken.

Microsoft is investing heavily in Dynamics 365 and business users stand to benefit.  If you’re interested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 please contact us to talk about the various options available including our new accelerator – DCMA.



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