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Following on from the changes announced in December, the HSD executive team have been reviewing our organisation structure and accountabilities down to the individual level.  Supported by our advisory board and backed by the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), HSD has been restructured to better manage innovation and thought leadership across all our  services.  The new structure also lends towards our ongoing customer focus and customer experience initiatives.

Led by our CEO, the restructure see’s the 5 sections introduced within HSD:

  • Technical Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Enterprise Partnerships & HSD People
  • Engagement
  • Corporate Services

Within each of the respective sections, new practices have been established. For instance, embedded in the Technical Services division, we now have dedicated:

  • Dynamics 365,
  • Integration/Cloud,
  • Open Source and
  • Managed Services Practices.

These technical practices will be backed by our growing Project Management, Support Management, Data, Test and Business Analysis Services Offices.

The new structure will increase our staff’s capacity to innovate, collaborate and support each other, resulting in even greater levels of service.    

Craig Chapman, Director of Enterprise Partnerships commented “Both the executive and the staff are excited by the changes to the organisation. For the staff, their new roles are a recognition of their experience, talent and commitment to HSDs Core Values.  It also puts in place the structures and processes that will allow HSD to further increase our capacity to deliver solutions and services that better meet our customer’s needs, now and into the future”.

In addition to the new sections, teams and practices, every position title, responsibility and accountability has been reviewed and restructured.  In doing so, HSD staff have clear pathways for development and career progression within the organisation, backed by HSD’s commitment to ongoing professional development for all staff.

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