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HSD last week announced several senior management position changes as part of the ongoing re-structure of its growing business.  The composition of the senior management team now includes newly created roles that have been filled internally.

  • Michael Nancarrow has been appointed as the Managing Director.  He is also the Chair of the Advisory Board.  Michael is one of the founding partners of HSD and was previously the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Peter Sawyer has been appointed as the Founding Director. Peter is one of the founding partners of HSD and was previously the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • Narendra Tomar has been appointed as the CEO.  Narendra was previously the Chief Operating Officer (COO), a position he held for the past 5 years.  With a background in software development and project management, he has earned a deserved reputation for delivering successful outcomes for HSD’s customers.  As the CEO, Narendra’s focus will be on continuing his commitment to building external and internal relationships, while overseeing HSD’s growth through development and execution of HSD’s long-term strategic plans.
  • Craig Taylor has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  He was previously General Manger Technical Services.  Craig’s passion for technology and his 17 years’ experience as a Software Developer/Solution Architect will help him provide fresh perspectives to help organisations undergo sustainable digital transformation, while also providing opportunities for HSD staff to innovate and deliver optimal outcomes for our customers.

Narendra Tomar, the newly appointed CEO, commented: “This restructure comes on the back of a period of strong growth, with Microsoft SaaS services being a key driver for growth.  It will position HSD to provide even better service to our customers, as we continue to invest in our people, processes and technology.”

Michael Nancarrow, now Managing Director, emphasised the role of the board when he said: “This is the first step of the restructure to support the growing business, making it ready to follow the strategic directions set by the Board.”

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