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As the impact of COVID-19 increases across Australia, I wanted to convey the steps HSD have taken to ensure continuity of its business services during the coming weeks.

Whilst the health and safety of our staff remains of the utmost importance, we aim to maintain the level of service that our customers expect from HSD. HSD will be monitoring all advice from Government and health authorities regarding our day-to-day operations and are ready to implement alternate arrangements to work conditions, such as working from home should the need arise.

HSD has developed a COVID-19 Policy and Business Continuity Plan. This plan is a live document that will be updated as required.  Each HSD staff member has been briefed and will be informed of any changes to the plan, all staff are aware of the actions they may need to take.

We have taken several steps to try and minimise the spread of COVID 19 and potential disruption including restricting business travel, encouraging best hygiene practices and ensuring that people across all locations are set up to work from home.  We have implemented the necessary changes to our infrastructure to allow all staff to access HSD’s internal network without disruption.  All future meetings will be via video/phone conferencing where practical.

During this period, we will be using the News section of our website and LinkedIn to communicate further to our clients and stakeholders, so ensure you visit or follow the HSD LinkedIn account  for any updates.

Thank you for your attention and consideration, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the HSD staff for more information.

Please keep safe.


Narendra Tomar