Dynamics 365 Case Management Accelerator

Streamline your Case Management Processes

The Dynamics 365 Case Management Accelerator (DCMA) leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve the timeliness, transparency and effectiveness of your internal processes.

Explore how DCMA can help improve your applications, complaints and enquiries-management processes by requesting a demo.

In as little as 8 weeks DCMA can take your teams’ standard procedures and develop them into workflows, enabling you to meet your operational & legislative KPIs. DCMA improves your oversight through real-time dashboards allowing you to respond quickly to any bottlenecks and provide accurate data to executives.

Dedicated Case Management

Tired of using systems that aren’t designed to handle your case management needs?

DCMA takes your applications, complaints and queries (case management) processes and turns them into dedicated workflows which in-turn increases your organisational productivity.

Operational Oversight

DCMA gives team leaders real time oversight, ensuring that you deliver accurate and timely service for your stakeholders. Providing decision makers with all the information required to make the right calls.

Driven by Power BI, included in the accelerator is an SLA driven customer dashboard that that allows quick access to live data on queue management, resource planning and options for case mix reporting based on type and process stage.

Putting Customers First

DCMA can be integrated into your existing forms or let HSD develop a customised portal for you. Using the Dynamics 365 portal extension, DCMA can have you interacting with your customers on any device.

Backed by Microsoft Products

Utilising the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you can be rest assured knowing that you have the proven track record of HSD and Microsoft behind you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

HSD’s “Case Assist” takes your data from similar cases and uses it to suggest actions, provides details of subject matter experts and over time will allow you to improve your processes and procedures.

Case Assist also provides additional functionality such as automated case routing on case categories and areas and a regulations/policy bank to assist with auditing.

Keeping Your Data Safe

As a service provider to citizens, Government must ensure systems and their data are secure at all times. Dynamics 365 is an ASD certified cloud service, so you can rest knowing DCMA is a safe and secure option for your data.

Speak to us about accreditation and compliance options for your data.

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Engagement is Easy

To assist in engaging with us, HSD and DCMA are on panels and whole of government arrangements. More specifically, HSD are available through the following Federal Government multi-use panels:

  • Digital Marketplace Panel 
  • Cloud Services Panel
  • Information Communication Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) – Department of Defence
  • ICT Professional Services – Treasury Portfolio

In addition, HSD can be found on most State and Territory IT panels. DCMA is also available through Microsoft’s AppSource, to visit our AppSource listing please click here

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