Data Services

Whether your organisation is looking for a competitive edge, undertaking research or wanting to improve your operations you should be using all the available sources of data at your disposal and HSD can help with our Data Services Office.

More, now than ever, users have increased expectations around the availability and security of the systems they access. Unplanned outages, security and data breaches cost organisations productivity, financially and reputationally. Therefore it is imperative that you’re doing everything you can to mitigate the risks when it comes to your systems.

HSD’s Data Services Office (DSO) can assist and work with your organisation on all things data. Whether its data migration, implementing a business intelligence tool or understanding data and reporting we’re here to help.

Data Migration Services

When updating, modernising or transforming your systems the data migration phase of your project is vital to its success. A systems solution is only as good as the data that it’s running on, so when it comes to data migration and cleansing our migration team can help with the migration of data, no matter the volume – big or small.

We will work with you to set out a plan, analyse the current data sources and provide assistance and advice on how to best move forward.

What exactly is business intelligence and business analytics?

Business intelligence refers to a range of tools that provide quick, easy-to-digest access to insights about an organization’s current state, based on available data.

Business analytics, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for data analysis techniques that are predictive — that is, they can tell you what’s going to happen in the future — and prescriptive — that is, they can tell you what you should be doing to create better outcomes.

Business Intelligence/Analytics Consulting

HSD BI/BA consulting comes in to support and deliver reliable data analysis and reporting that will guide you to faster and more consistent growth.

HSD BI/BA services will help you to step into a data-driven world and modernize your existing business analytics systems and infrastructure. We will help you to extract insights from the data you are collecting and turn it into profits and valuable information.

  • BI/BA analysis
  • BI/BA implementation
  • BI/BA solution design
  • BI/BA improvement consulting
  • BI/BA support and evolution
  • Advising on data quality
Team reviewing data.

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