Testing Services

Is there anything worse than developing a new system, only to find out after releasing it that it doesn’t work how you intended it to? Attention to detail and the finer points are paramount when it comes to testing, luckily our testing service has that in spades!

HSD’s testing team offer a wide range of testing services to ensure that your solutions and systems are production ready. From functional and regression testing to penetration testing our testing team can put together a package that suits the need of you and your systems.

Functional Testing

We can provide closed loop testing services, to ensure that your solutions meet the ever changing quality standards. We can provide comprehensive analysis based on your requirements including bug reports. We can also test your systems integration to ensure that your solution doesn’t fail when it matters most.

Our functional testing services include:

  • System and System Integration testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Non-Functional Testing

In addition to making sure that you’re solutions are performing as expected, we can also provide the testing services to ensure that everything is working behind the scenes too. You can have the best solutions in the world, but if they’re not secure, properly specced, accessible and compatible – nobody will be able to use them!

HSD’s testing service can provide:

  • Performance and load testing.
  • Security and Penetration testing.
  • Accessibility testing.
  • Browser and Device compatibility.


However, if you want to test everything yourself – go for it! But if you just need some friendly advice on how to do it or what you need to get it done, we’ve got your back our testing team can also provide advice and consulting services on:

  • Effort Estimations.
  • Resourcing Requirements.
  • Testing approach and execution.
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