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Today’s blog post is from Kamran Dilmir, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant.

It’s about a few developer tools for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, which makes our lives easier. These tools have helped me to work smartly and more efficiently.

Solution Components Mover – Transfer components of one solution to another solution using this XrmToolBox Plugin 

In Dynamics 365, developers often work on multiple solutions to work on multiple features/projects in the same development environment. Sometimes, the components are shared between solutions. It is hard to find the specific components from all components in the default solution whereas by using this tool, we can simply add or transfer the components of one solution to another solution.

For example, if we want to add one or more web resources from one solution to another, it will be time consuming to add those directly from D365/Power Platform solution viewer. Usually, there is a list of web resources and it requires you to search through the list to find the components of another solution one by one. By using this tool, we simply transfer components from one solution to another solution.

The tool helps developers to move all or selected components from one solution to another within the same CRM instance. Also, instead of adding each type of component, one by one, we can add them in a bulk.


The tool can be downloaded from XRMToolBox plugin library. More info at

Solution Comparer – Compare two Solutions Using XrmToolBox Plugin 

There are times when a one environment is behaving differently to another, or one is having an issue where the other is working as expected. There is a tool which can be used to compare solution customisations between different environments (Dev vs UAT). The pre-requisite of this is, we have to make sure that both of the environments have the component we wish to compare.

For example, there was a scenario where we had imported a solution from development environment to UAT environment, containing attribute mappings for a 1:N relationship. The solution was imported successfully but the mappings were not created in the UAT environment. When we used this tool we were able to identify the difference between the environments and fix the issue.

The tool can be downloaded from XRMToolBox plugin library. More info at

CRM Code Editor

In CRM, working with web resources (JavaScript Code or HTML Page) in a traditional way is challenging. Especially when we deal with some bug in a JavaScript file and we have to update the file again and again to fix the bug. We then need to publish the web resource frequently to see the changes. This includes switching multiple screens to get the job done which makes it tedious.

However, I have found a tool that I am regularly using, called “Code Editor”. This is a very useful tool for JavaScript web resource Editing, HTML Web-resource editing and Adding/Deleting new Web-resources. The best thing about this tool is that we can update the web resource (JavaScript, HTML) file and publish it from the same screen without switching from one screen to another.

You can download the tool from the following location:

The installation is very easy. You only need to import the solution in your CRM environment as you do with other CRM Solutions. After you are able to import the solution successfully, it will be available under “solutions” and the icon will be added as below. You can launch the tool by clicking the “CRM Code Editor” icon.

Web Resources Manager – XrmToolBox Plugin to manage and update web resources

This is another XRMToolBox plugin that can be used to work on and manage web resources In Dynamics 365. It is different to the CRM Code Editor discussed before. Since it is a XrmToolBox plugin, there is no need to import a solution to use this tool.

The tool can be downloaded from XRMToolBox plugin library. More info at

The tool includes some cool features which helps to better manage web resources. We can load web resources to see the tree structure of the available web resources. It comes with some extra features where we have the option for beautifying, compressing and comparing JavaScript just from one screen and there is no need to use multiple tools for each task. We have the option to search the file from list of available web resources.

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