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Melbourne’s economy accounts for 24% of Victoria’s GSP and 7% of the country’s GDP. A significant portion of this contribution comes from small businesses in the retail, manufacturing, biotech and many other industries. The city’s big and robust economy continues to attract investors from various states and around the world, adding more start-ups to the already dense population of small businesses.

For the government and the locals, this means bigger annual budgets and more employment opportunities. But for small businesses, this means tougher competition. Complacency is out of the question regardless of how established you think your business is. Newcomers can easily outpace you if you don’t fortify your business with the right instruments.

One aspect that requires constant upgrade is your IT system. The bigger your business gets, the more complex IT infrastructure is needed to meet its ever expanding operational demands. Now you don’t have to shoulder all the burden that your IT system’s upgrade and management entail. You can opt to outsource half or more of that to an exclusive provider of IT support services for small business, such as HSD.


Benefits of Small Business IT Support Services

IT services refer to the paid creation and management of an organisation’s IT system. Instead of completely relying on an in-house team of IT experts, you hire a third party to help design, build, and manage the IT infrastructure your business needs to run efficiently. In some arrangements, the service provider taps their own assets as part of their service packages. Here’s what outsourced IT support services can do for your business.


  1. Reduce, if not completely eliminate, the need to train employees to perform technical tasks.
  2. Improve employee productivity by providing instant or easily accessible IT support.
  3. Enhance customer experience by streamlining your customer support system.
  4. Moderate downtime caused by IT repair and maintenance.
  5. Improve your marketing process and propel better branding.


Different Types of IT Support Services

Before hiring an IT service provider, make sure to perform a thorough assessment of your IT system to determine the kind of support you need. Regardless of your findings, however, it pays to know what tasks are usually covered by IT support services.


  • Network SetupAn IT service provider can help set up your Ethernet and Internet networks. If you haven’t purchased your equipment yet, they can help you choose the most suitable hardware for your needs, and perform all the installations. This can be either a standalone service or preliminary component of a package.
  • Network SecurityNormally, network security is offered separately as it consists an entirely different set of processes and resources. These include installation and maintenance of multi-layer antivirus and malware protection, business-class network security appliance, intranet access control, and many more. Without a resilient cybersecurity system, your entire IT infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks that can severely impact your operation.
  • Database ManagementAnother essential part of most IT service packages is database management. Your provider can help organise all of your company’s data and set up a more efficient access and sharing method. For greater flexibility and storage efficiency, your provider can offer to store and manage your data through cloud computing. This way you can access and utilise them remotely as the cloud is connected to the Internet.
  • Software SupportYou need various software to run your databases, multimedia, internal communication, and other essential processes that make up your business operation. If you already have all the software you need, your IT provider can offer to take care of their upgrade and maintenance. Or, they can provide you with better software or programs if necessary.
  • VoIP and VideotelephonyWith the Coronavirus pandemic still far from over and the anxiety of face-to-face interaction expected to last even longer than the pandemic itself, internet-based communication is becoming increasingly relevant. Your company will need a Voice over Internet Protocol (a technology that allows you and your employees to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a phone line) as well as videotelephony or video conferencing (a technology that allows virtual meetings).

These are just some of the IT services that you need in order to keep your business up and running. There are plenty of other essential solutions that an IT service provider can offer you. Investing in superior IT support services is critical in the Information Age, especially since the competition among small businesses is picking up fast in the city. Look for an IT service provider in Melbourne that has a proven track record and deploys the most suitable professionals to companies in need of IT support.

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